How 2 large-cap coins are joining a lesser-known project in the Proof of Stake Financial Data Protection Fight To Preserve User’s Privacy.

What’s the value of first-mover? As we’ve seen in cryptocurrency, it oftentimes means everything.

Bitcoin (as the first “cryptocurrency”) has remained at the top of the value pack, holding more than 60% of the total “crypto” market cap.

Ethereum, as the first “computational” platform for cryptocurrencies/blockchains introduced the notion of…

On August 16th, Cointelegraph published a new “news” story with the headline.

“Crypto PIVX Denies Vulnerability Allegations, Says Users’ Funds Are Safe “

This appears to be a continuation of the “narrative” by Cointelegraph despite a few attempts to provide the journal with data/facts about the original piece they reported…

How PIVX continues to develop solutions for the blockchain ecosystem despite BITG and Lunar Digital Assets dropping the ball in proper bug disclosure protocols.

There has been (continued) coverage by larger crypto media outlets online around PIVX, a reported vulnerability, and the presumed “savior” who announced this to the world…

This is an update to the first piece I wrote about this. This article will go into a bit more detail about Han Yoon / Lunar Digital Assets / BITG.

For a quick overview for those who didn’t read the article above, have no clue what’s going on, etc:


The following will be my (best) attempt to chronicle the timeline of what I observed that occurring between Han/Team Lunar, Bitgreen, various crypto outlets and media sources, and PIVX.

August 10th, 2019

  • Han | TeamLunar enters PIVX Discord supposedly seeking some help from developers (PIVX) in the PIVX bug bounty…

Bryan Doreian

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